The Agency takes care of the organization and coordination of the surrogate program as a complete package of services. The cost of the package is 19,000 $, and it includes the following services:

NOTE: A single tax of 5% will be added to the amount of each payment charged by the Agency.

The surrogate mother travels to Cyprus with a coordinator from the Agency. The coordinator provides language and organizational support to the surrogate mother, taking care of all the communication with clients and the clinic where the treatment is scheduled. The total price includes all travel expenses of the surrogate mother and the coordinator.

The surrogate mother's compensation for the entire duration of the program is 22,600 $. It is paid directly to the surrogate mother in several installments according to the agreement between the surrogate mother and the intended parents.

The total price of the program is 41,600 $ (click to download the price).

About Us

Successful Parents Agency was established in 2003 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our team has been involved in the sphere of fertility programs in Ukraine for clients from all over the world. The Agency unites qualified specialists with years of experience in the reproductive and fertility sphere, organization of medical services, and family law.

The organization of surrogacy programs in Cyprus is one of the main domains of our Agency. We have cooperated with Cypriot clinics by organizing surrogacy programs in Cyprus for many years.

Our two leading partner clinics in Cyprus are ISIS CLINIC and Ledra Clinic. We are open to cooperation with other clinics in Cyprus as well. It is possible to arrange the embryo(s) transfer in a clinic that is not on our list. You can make a special request to set up the surrogacy program in the clinic where your treatment has already started.

Our clients choose us because:

Key steps


Before starting your program, we ask you to specify your request. Please, make sure to include the following details:

We protect your privacy and keep all information confidential.


Once we agree on all general matters regarding your program, we select and send you detailed profiles (please click to view a sample) with photos of the candidates. Suggested candidates are willing and ready to participate in your surrogacy program. All candidates in our database are selected during the careful screening of their current state of health, medical history, living conditions, and social background.

You can look through the profiles of the candidates to find your surrogate mother and make the right choice. We assist you in this search based on our knowledge of each candidate.


We will send you a contract that you sign with our Agency. The contract is in English and prepared by our lawyers in compliance with the legislation of Ukraine. Our cooperation starts when the contract is signed and upon receiving the advance payment from you.


Next, we contact your doctor to discuss the details and a plan for your program.

There are regulations regarding legal compliance in all surrogacy cases where embryo(s) transfer takes place in Cyprus. Several forms need to be completed, and special approval from the Committee on reproduction from the Ministry of the health of Cyprus is necessary. In cooperation with your clinic, we help you fill out all the forms and collect all the documents you need to submit to the Ministry.

According to the current regulations, the surrogate mother should come to Cyprus twice. On the first visit, the surrogate mother undergoes a health check in a Cypriot clinic. This is a necessary step for clients to get permission for surrogacy treatment.

The second time the surrogate mother arrives in Cyprus 3 - 4 days before the scheduled embryo(s) transfer, and, after this procedure, she stays there for three days to rest. This supports the healthy implantation of the transferred embryo(s).


Two weeks after the embryo(s) transfer, the surrogate mother does a blood pregnancy test to determine whether the attempt was successful. Once the pregnancy is confirmed, we guide the surrogate mother throughout the pregnancy (daily regimen, regular check-ups, screenings, etc.). We facilitate communication between clients and the surrogate mother and inform clients continuously about the program's progress. We arrange accommodation for the surrogate mother in Kyiv starting the seventh month of pregnancy. We make all necessary arrangements with the maternity hospital, and after childbirth, we prepare all documents to obtain the birth certificate.


Only officially married couples residing in Cyprus can obtain permission.

Yes, a surrogate mother can have embryo(s) transferred at the clinic in Cyprus, where your treatment takes place.

It is individual and depends not only on the surrogate mother’s health condition but also on the quality of biological materials, etc. On average, you might need 1 - 2 attempts.

The client pays the program's cost to the Agency in several installments. You shall pay in advance only for the following step in the program.

According to Ukrainian legislation (in particular, Article 123 of the Family Code of Ukraine), the surrogate mother has no parental rights over the baby born in the process of the surrogacy program.

The price for the next attempt is 5,000 $, which includes a medical examination of the surrogate mother, medication to prepare the surrogate mother for the embryo(s) transfer, travel expenses, compensation for the surrogate mother, and her accommodation in Cyprus with our coordinator.

Only the intended parents’ names are written on the baby's birth certificate; the surrogate mother is not mentioned.

You will need to come after childbirth to receive all necessary documents to bring your child home (it takes about two days). But intended parents usually arrive several days before the birth to be the first to hold the baby.

No, according to the legislation of Ukraine surrogate mother cannot be genetically related to the baby she carries for the intended parents. If intended parents need an egg donor as part of their surrogacy program, another woman should be chosen for egg donation. The selected candidate cannot simultaneously be an egg donor and surrogate mother for your program.

We assure you that the surrogate mother takes fresh medical tests in our partner clinic in Kyiv before participating in your program. We also provide your doctor full access to medical documents related to the program, including all the surrogate mother's ultrasound reports and medical tests.

Women who smoke, take drugs, or consume alcohol are not accepted into any program related to fertility treatment. As an extra measure, all surrogate mothers sign contract that strictly regulates their behavior. It is also envisaged in the contract that the surrogate mother will be subject to fines if she violates any paragraph of her agreement with the intended parents, including the possible cancellation of the contract.

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